Assignments & Assessments

Actively caring to save lives

Education impart knowledge but training help develop skill. A well designed training module helps transform behaviour of a person in to a desired direction to achieve certain objective. To develop tailor made training module in order to suit the organisational need, we invest half or full day time to understand the area to be focused during training to maximise take away. Keeping in mind the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the training, we incorporate group exercise, learning improvement assessment and feedback assessment in the training module.

You can select from the list below however do ask for specific need and we will put our head into to designing and developing one such to meet your expectation.

  • Behaviour based safety to reduce ARBs and increase SBs
  • Hazard Identification and Assessment Techniques
  • Accident Prevention global Techniques
  • Accident analysis and metrics system
  • Accident causation model (Swiss-cheese model)
  • Electrical Hazards, Zoning and Safety
  • Workplace H&S Management
  • Occupational Health Hazards and safeguards
  • Chemical hazards and Safety in chemical Handling
  • Safety in Manual Material Handling
  • Safety in Mechanical Material Handling
  • Hazards in Industrial Trucks Operation and Safe Operation
  • Element of safety to follow in Crane and heavy machinery operation
    Due diligence in H&S to ensure fulfil legal obligation
  • Hazards of Height Work & Safety
  • Hazards of Excavation work and Safety
  • Hazards of Confined Space working and Safety
  • Bow-tie Techniques for Accident Prevention
  • Layer of Protection of Safety
  • Risk Based Safety Approach to for cost effective risk management
  • Hazards of Gas Cutting operation and safety
  • Hazards of Welding and Safety
  • Selection of work specific PPEs and proper usage
  • Hazards of Noise and Noise Conservation program
  • Hazards at Construction site and safety
  • Paradigm shift in Safety to develop pro-safety mind-set
  • Causes of Explosion in Industry and protection
  • Fire Prevention and fighting global Techniques
  • Fire, Hazards and Protection ways and means
  • Fire load reduction techniques
  • Emergency response and Drills
  • 5ā€™Sā€™ concept of Good Housekeeping
  • Hazards in School and Safety
  • Hazards in Hospitals and safety
  • Hazards at Home and Safety
  • Hazards of Multiplex and Safety
  • Hazards in Mall and Safety
  • Traffic Hazards and Defensive Driving
  • Natural Disaster and effective response to fast containment
  • Various Business risks and continuity plan (BCP)
  • Integrated Management System (ISO-9000, 14000 and OHSAS 18000)
  • Ergonomic risks and musculoskeletal hazards and Control