November20, 2018
by K Srivastva

Do you value Trustworthiness?

This time I wish to share something other than technical. Emotional Bank Account (EBA), I am going to share about is not anyway related to finance yet


August27, 2018
by administrator

Control ARBs – Bring down ACCIDENTS!

There are many routine or non-routine kind of At-Risk Behaviours associated with activities one does at his/her respective workplace. These ARBs go noticeably or otherwise at all levels every day. At times a few of them become reason of a near-miss and


July24, 2018
by administrator

Accident Investigation – a formality or a purpose?

Dear readers, in yet another topics after a little pause, I thought I must express my opinion on a very common program in the safety arena and that is Accident Investigation. Although the name itself is not a correct representation of the purpose for which we do this exercise following an accident. Accident Investigation does more bad than good. An accident rather must be analysed than investigated in order to find the situations responsible for the accident. Anyway, this is not the topics of review today. What I’m intend to talk in this article is about the subject line.
In an industry, an accident happen when a person fell because a ladder slipped while replacing a fused bulb standing on the rung of it. As usual, a Safety Officer was assigned to do the so called Accident Investigation in order to suggest management the ways to avoid reoccurrence in future. After investigation he concluded that the person who was holding the ladder was at err. As a causative factor, it was stated that the person while attending a phone call caused loosen the grip on ladder and the ladder slipped through it legs. A solution was given that person should be given training (a flash intuitive solution unfortunately).


March31, 2018
by administrator

“Misery has never left me alone in my life” this was the murmur of a person.”

One day he was on a path back home when he saws something a shining material lying on the road side. He picked it up with dejected mind. As he was turning it up and down, a passer-by saw it and asked what that was. He as usual habitual of taking negative to everything with pre-occupied notion answered, nothing- it’s a piece of glass. Saying this, he passed onto him, and resumed his journey.

Actually, that


June24, 2016
by administrator

Let’s not decide a safety program by tossing a coin

Without revealing name – as it is not necessary, I would like to mention a safety program in vogue with a classic example of obscured perspective. Claiming as a best practice, every entrant to this factory was customarily given half-face cartridge mask along with safety shoes, Apron and Helmet to wear at Security Gate itself.

When I myself passed through this phase, I minutely made my observation and concluded the whole process for a mere show off.  The point what I mean to put here is that to implement a safety program, a holistic view is must considering the local need,