Assignments & Assessments

Actively caring to save lives

We can undertake following assignments in any category and scale of organisation. Our assessment process is not stereotyped, so to avoid the generality and the conventional approach, we develop tailor-made industry-fit check points incorporating essential elements to add further value to the organisation. Competency which lie well within our domain for are mentioned here.

  • Safety Audit
  • Safety Assurance Audit
  • Safety Maturity Assessment of the organisation
  • Safety Survey
  • Implementation of Behaviour Based Safety for Total Safety Culture
  • Cost Effective project for high safety performance
  • 5 ā€˜Sā€™ Implementation
  • Safety Sampling and Analysis
  • Noise mapping & Conservation Program
  • Fire Hazard & Protection Assessment
  • Fire Load estimation and fire risk reduction program
  • Site EHS monitoring