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Actively caring to save lives

Attitude is all about what we intend to do and what we receive as consequence following that. When it comes to safety, it plays a vital role in our life no matter where we are – at home, at road, in water, in air or in factory. In all above situations, we encounter with danger(s) to our life or limb while performing an activity. Therefore, every one of us needs to behave in a safe way with right safety attitude very first and every successive time. Here, Safeti-tude- an integration of Safety and Attitude together called Safetitude, works as an antecedent and influence human beings to behave in a certain way for protection from the dangers of the situation he or she is in.

The very old truth that “Accidents do not happen, they are caused” is probable outcome of an individual’s behaviour-at-risk, which in turn is directed by one’s attitude. In any business activity or human endeavour, anyone’s such behaviour is responsible of a woe ranging from a little pain to single or multiple deaths and also sometimes loss of assets and deterioration to environment.

For most of accident, very often a worker is put into blame. The simplest easy reason is he didn’t obey the instruction or behave with poor safety attitude but, is it so?

Does other employee play their role to avoid accident in their day today function?

Do they exhibit their commitment towards safety as they do for production, maintenance, cost etc?

Perhaps not always, and not in every situation when safety is utmost at demand.

An organisation achieves what it wants to achieve but safety? Reason is obvious and that is lack of Safety Attitude in employee irrespective of his /her function or level within the organisation.

The objective of the Safetitude is to institutionalised safe behaviour via developing right kind of safety attitude in human beings, through newer approached to Safety.

Here, human’s behaviour is uniquely transformed from ARB (At-Risk-Behaviour) to SB (Safe Behaviour) by way of successive implementation of D-O-I-T process across an organisation structure. Gradually, changed behaviour of a few team members brings about a greater change of attitude in general employee over a reasonable period of time. Progressively this strategy is spread across functions within organisation to ensure an actively caring situation with final aim to develop and sustain a total safety culture.

This newer approach is being applied widely in industries as an effective business tool to bring an “actively caring” environment, ultimately to foster Total Safety Culture (TSC). This situation is must in order to bring down human-caused-accidents and further enhancing many things including bottom-line (profitability).

Looking forward to receive your attention so as to get an opportunity to work for your organisation.