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    A culture, with in very specific context to safety is a situation in which every employee behaves in same way and actively care for safety.

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    This is a system by which a comprehensive study is done to gather information the risks in a business operation.

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    Most accidents are avoidable subject to your proper understand of the factors and situation contributing to it.

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    Safety is a state of mind-set that is called safetitude! When you inherit it and pass on to others, you realises the value that safety pays off. It’s the fundamental to enjoy the life in its fullest.
    To know what paradigm shift is needed in safety, start journey with us…


    Choosing right parameters and tracking them suitably is paramount to appraise performance. When it comes to safety performance, it is no less of others that help you gain in the business.
    We are here to advise you the key indicators to track the move for maximum gain with minimum efforts.

    Fire Safety

    When does a friend fire turn into a foe, is never known. So, before a fire jeopardise your business, let’s supress it through effective prevention, efficient protection and suitable fighting techniques.
    We will put our knowledge and experience together to provide a cover from vulnerability.


    Good health is wealth. Every Occupation is associated with some risk to health. Identifying them and deploying suitable intervention is key to minimising it.
    To know what and how of it, we will help you
    To know what paradigm shift is needed in safety, start journey with us…


    No human endeavour is devoid of a situation that creates imbalance to environment. With increasing pressure from all round, keeping pollution under control is challenging!
    With our know-how we would like to assist you.

    Hazards Control

    Hazards are the unsafe conditions and situations that exist at every workplace. They cause injury, illness or deaths when not controlled effectively. They are common to every workplace however in different forms and with intensity you encountered with during your course of employment.
    They include a slip fall on spill or a trip fall on cable running across floor.

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    Our confidence is build up over relentless learning from practical work and through a lot of toil in the field over long years. Several years of working in core Safety, Health and Environment arena in diverse projects and diverse organisational set up has been put together in a uniquely fortified formula to help industry reduce accident to a minimal.

    Independent working as Head-Site Safety/HSE since 1998

    Steering team size ranging from 2 to 50.

    Collaborative working in multi cultured organization with diverse workforce in size ranging from
    500 to 8000

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